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Chantal's Mind

13 September 1980
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agent cooper, alan cumming, alan rickman, alanis morissette, alastair mackenzie, all the queen's men, allison mack, ally mcbeal, amber benson, amy wadge, andy flett, angel, ankst, annabeth gish, as if, austin powers, bagpuss, barenaked ladies, big leaves, boobytrap, boys in eyeliner, bracelets, bree sharp, brett anderson, britpop, broken sword, buffy the vampire slayer, camden, cardiff, catatonia, catboard, catch, catfics, cerys matthews, chocolate covered coffee beans, chrissie glazebrook, clex, clwb ifor bach, coupling, curerbell, david boreanaz, david duchovny, david lynch, desperate housewives, dogma, easyworld, ebay, eddie izzard, eliza dushku, emily corrie, falsifying statistics, family guy, fanfics, father ted, fight club, forums, freddie mercury, friends, gemma hayes, gigs, gillian anderson, glitter, gorky's zygotic mynci, graham norton, high fidelity, hoyay, iain banks, idle hands, indie, iriver, jack davenport, james marsters, jill sobule, john donne, jonathan ross, kaylan, kevin smith, kyle maclachlan, labyrinth, light lunch, mansun, mark roberts, mel and sue, melody maker, melys, memento, michael rosenbaum, monarch of the glen, monkey island, mull historical society, murry the hump, music, never mind the buzzcocks, nicholas lea, nick hornby, ooberman, oobtube, patrick jones, paul draper, phantom309, pirates of the caribbean, poetry, pretty boys in drag, pulp, queen, red dwarf, relaxed muscle, richard coyle, rob brydon, s4c, sandra bullock, sarah smart, scott cohen, semisonic, seth green, sex and the city, sherbet antlers, sid and stan, simian, simple kid, smallville, songvids, sorority boys, space, sparkly pink things, spillers records, suede, super furry animals, the 10th kingdom, the bluetones, the divine comedy, the keys, the madolescents, the sims, the wasp factory, the x-files, the young ones, thirteen:13, tobyslater, tom welling, tru calling, twin peaks, twin town, twop, very annie mary, vinyl records, wales, welsh bands, willo the wisp, y cyrff